The Love Exchange teaches children they make a difference.


The Love Exchange believes in giving every idea an opportunity to grow to its full potential, no matter how big or small, or where it is from. The Love Exchange brings those world changing ideas to life, spreading love and inspiration.


Sheridan Park Public School


The Love Exchange spent the morning with all of the children of Sheridan Park. We discussed what it means to make a difference as an individual, in your family, with friends, at school, in a community and in the world. It was incredible to hear 5 year old Samantha explain how she makes a difference by recycling and 7 year old Chris who makes a difference by stopping bullying. Then Maddy explained how she is determined to make a difference in the world and asked all of the children to help her.

Sheridan Park Public School 02

Want your school to be involved?

Would you like to share some love with your school and show them how together you can make a difference? Just tell us your name, the name of your school and the dates for a Love Exchange assembly, and we will work together to make it happen.