Love for Lunch

Love for Lunch

The Love Exchange is excited to announce it’s second up and coming project, Love for Lunch.

Facing the problem of boring, unhealthy, or simply no school lunch at all, The Love Exchange has created an initiative that raises awareness of the benefits of healthy lunches in schools as well as takes advantage of this social time to spread love to those who need it.

Lunch is a special time of the day where parents can interact with their children, despite of not physically being together. Parents are able to show their love through the healthy lunch and snacks that they pack. The Love Exchange will use education for both children and parents about healthy food choices to bring love to this every day task. It starts at home and then children that have love to share will be able to share their love to other children. Through strategic partnerships, children will be able to send love in the form of food donations to other children who don’t have lunch. The love can only spread once it gets in the hands of the children.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved with the project and stay tuned for more updates as it develops!

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