School Donation Box

School Donation Box

The Love Exchange is excited about all of the generosity and love we saw through the clothing drive. Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed to the cause. In case you missed it, here is the recap.

Sheridan Park Public School was happy to be the home of a large metal box during the spring and summer. But not just any box, a super-sized donation box constantly being filled with donated clothing. Each week, when the box was emptied, Maddy and Ian were delighted to find that the box was overflowing with generous donations. Donations included lightly used clothing for kids and adults of all ages, size, and gender.

Next Steps: We are currently in the process of organizing an event to wash and fold the clothes to prepare them to donate. With each donation will come a love note noting the individuals that helped with the care of these clothes. We hope even such a small gesture will inspire and spread love to those who need it.

“When you do nice things for other people, you just get joy in yourself because you know you’re helping someone and making them have a smile on their face.”

Please get in touch if you’re interested in helping with this cause.



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